CXC Salon & Spa - Unleash your inner SEXY!!
From Head to Toe, We Will Make You Look and Feel Fabulous
At CXC Salon & Spa, we employ a full-service staff to give you a Relaxing and Refreshing salon experience. From nails, hair, and permanent makeup. we promise to make you feel amazing. Our 13 stylists, 2 nail technicians and a Permanent Makeup Artist, will be there to welcome you and cater to your every need-its our mission.
Serving Florence, since 2005 we have become a popular gathering place. Our clientele has expanded, and we cant wait to grow more!
Our Staff:

Connie Mattioli
Vanessa Schierberg
Stylist/Booth Renter
Sarah Loy
Stylist/Makeup Artist/Booth Renter
 Ashlee Overton
Stylist/Booth Renter
Cindy Harris
Stylist/Booth Renter
Krista Miller
Stylist/Booth Renter
Melissa Goff
Stylist/Booth Renter
Amy Dunn
 Stylist/Booth Renter
(859) 512-4775
Michelle Luster Mann
Stylist/Booth Renter
(513) 633-5015

Jenny Strunk
Stylist/Booth Renter
Jessie Covey
Stylist/Booth Renter

Christina Keller
 Stylist/Booth Renter

Shelley Strode
Stylist/Booth Renter

Chanda Willis
Nail Tech/ Booth Renter
Michelle Mann
Nail Tech/Booth Renter
Leah Bruin
Permanent Cosmetics Specialist
(859) 496-4247
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